Shartsis Friese Successfully Defends Patent Infringement Action Through Jury Trial

Helios Software, et al. v. SpectorSoft Corp., Civ. No. 12-081-LPS (Delaware District Court). The firm successfully defended this multi-million dollar patent infringement action on behalf of the defendant, SpectorSoft Corporation. Plaintiffs Helios Software, LLC and Pearl Software, Inc., asserted claims of direct and indirect patent infringement against SpectorSoft related to three patents — US Patent Nos. 7634571 (‘571 Patent), 7958237 (‘237 Patent) and 6978304 (‘304 Patent) owned by Helios. The three patents concerned the monitoring and/or control of Internet-related communications. In September 2014, the Court granted summary judgment of non-infringement as to the ‘571 and ‘237 Patents (See opinion at On June 19, 2015, after a five-day trial, a jury returned a verdict of no direct or indirect infringement by SpectorSoft of the ‘304 Patent, and also found several of the asserted claims of that patent invalid as both anticipated and rendered obvious by prior art (see Docket Entry No. 615 for Civ. No. 12-081-LPS).

Attorneys James P. Martin, Erick C. Howard, and Kajsa M. Minor lead the trial team.