Sanjeet represents private companies and their owners and managers in a range of business disputes.

He specializes in fiduciary disputes among founders, investors and managers of corporations, LLCs and partnerships.  He provides pre-litigation counselling to owners and managers to secure their rights as to each other, including as to management fees, profit sharing, control of operations and finances, and access to financial information.  If litigation is necessary, he aims to litigate forcefully, but efficiently, to achieve the best result for his client.

He also litigates contractual disputes and business torts, including solicitation of employees and customers, theft of trade secrets and usurpation of business opportunities.  He takes a pragmatic approach to such disputes to achieve sensible, cost-effective results.

Sanjeet represents clients in pretrial and trial proceedings in a variety of forums, including in mediation, arbitration and state and federal court.  He has substantial courtroom experience and has tried several cases.

  • Obtained a $2 million award in arbitration for the owners of a restaurant against a manager who embezzled company funds.  The award issued after a multi-day arbitration involving several witnesses and experts.  The award was confirmed by the Superior Court and the case settled on terms favorable to his client.
  • Obtained a $200,000 judgment in court for a real estate developer against a contractor who failed to perform.  This was the full amount sought by his client plus prejudgment interest.
  • Obtained a court order removing a director who breached his fiduciary duty to the company by secretly usurping a business opportunity for himself.  The Court issued the order following a multi-day, expedited bench trial involving several witnesses and experts.
  • Obtained injunctions returning day-to-day control of a prominent San Francisco restaurant to its Board of Directors.  The manager had taken over complete control of the restaurant’s finances, refused to obey Board decisions, refused to allow the Board to inspect the accounts, and stopped distributing profits to shareholders.
  • Secured over $100,000 in refunds for an event organizer from several vendors who failed to deliver on their commitments, before significant litigation expenses.
  • Represented an owner of a multi-location restaurant in a contentious partnership divorce.  The case settled on terms favorable to his client.
  • Secured over $100,000 in liquidated damages for his client under a multi-year supply contract, before significant litigation expenses.