Each and every business, whether it is involved in developing cutting edge technology, investment advisory, real estate, or product manufacturing, has important, valuable interests in intellectual property such as trademarks, copyrights, patents and trade secrets. We understand the importance intellectual property rights have to a wide variety of business enterprises and provide a full array of legal services to our clients to allow them to obtain, protect, enforce, and realize the full advantage of their intellectual property rights.

IP Transactional Practice

Our IP transactional practice spans the gamut of services related to the acquisition and exploitation of IP rights. We assist clients with patent, trademark, and copyright procurement, strategy, acquisition, and licensing both in the United States and abroad. Our attorneys have expertise in counseling start-ups and emerging companies concerning the development of their IP rights on the one hand, and avoiding conflicts with the IP rights of others as they build their businesses on the other. We counsel our clients regarding the IP aspects of computer software, applications and digital rights, as well as non-technical subject matter areas such as books, photographs, movies, entertainment, and illustrations. Our attorneys are well-versed in all aspects of licensing, due diligence, and transfer of IP rights across of business sectors as diverse as medical devices, construction, software, and the wine industry. Our attorneys also have expertise in assisting clients with navigating the waters of the constantly evolving rules and regulations governing the Internet and online business activities.

IP Litigation Practice

Our litigation attorneys represent computer and technology companies, software developers, manufacturing, construction and leasing companies, broker-dealers, financial service providers, institutional investment advisers, wineries, artists, authors and other entrepreneurs, in protecting their intellectual property and competitive business interests. Our goal is to assist clients in effectively and efficiently protecting and enforcing their intellectual property rights.

We take a “business solution” approach to intellectual property disputes, focusing not only on achieving a favorable litigation result, but also on furthering our clients’ overall business interests and protecting and enhancing their competitive positions in the marketplace. Working closely with our colleagues in the IP transactional practice, our IP litigation attorneys are able to offer our clients sound advice and counseling to help them evaluate and implement creative and constructive solutions, both before and after the commencement of litigation.