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Shartsis Friese Attorney Co-Authors book on IP Strategies for Entrepreneurs

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13 Shartsis Friese Lawyers and 7 Practice Groups Recognized by “Best Lawyers” and “Best Law…

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  • 8.1.06 / Media

    Hedge Fund Madness

    Once again hedge funds—a.k.a. financial lightning in a bottle—have defied efforts by regulators to monitor their…

    Thomas Brom California Lawyer
  • 3.1.06 / Media

    Roundtable - Securities Litigation

    In this month’s discussion, our panel of experts discuss the implications of the Seventh Circuit…

    California Lawyer
  • 4.6.05 / Media

    Playing Hard to Get

    Despite their eligibility, some firms would rather stay single Ask law firm leaders or consultants…

    Marie-Anne Hogarth The Recorder
  • 3.7.05 / Media

    A Hedge Grows in San Francisco

    Founders of West Coast Hedge Fund Practice Are Leaders Today The year was 1983, and…

    Anna Oberthur San Francisco Daily Journal
  • 6.30.03 / Media

    Force Majeure

    Call them competitors, trailblazers, maybe even bitches if you’re hung up on an image of…

    Katrina Dewey and Joan Osterwalder Daily Journal Extra
  • 5.24.00 / Media

    The Terminator

    Terminating sanctions, the most extreme punishment in civil litigation, are so unusual that some attorneys…

    Matthew King The San Francisco Daily Journal