Our construction litigators have experience in a wide range of matters, including construction defects, design malpractice, mechanics’ liens and performance bond claims, delay claims, and a wide variety of contract and tort claims. We also handle a variety of related real estate and insurance coverage disputes.  We most often represent developers and property owners, but we have also represented builders, contractors, lenders, design professionals, property managers and commercial tenants.

Our construction lawyers are experienced not only in state and federal court, but also in arbitration and in the use of special masters and private judges. We make frequent use of voluntary mediation and take pride in cutting to the key issues.

Construction disputes often involve technical issues in specialized fields, such as soils engineering, structural engineering, failure analysis, or critical path construction scheduling. Our construction group has the experience to locate and retain the appropriate forensic experts for virtually any construction dispute, whether expertise is required in design, engineering, construction management, construction accounting, or any related field.

Represent manufacturer of construction parts in all significant liability claims.

Represented owner/developer of East Bay commercial buildings in construction defect claims against general contractor.

Represented purchasers of interests in a luxury apartment building in San Francisco in claims against seller/developer for unlawful construction, concealed defects, and fraud in sales.

Represented institutional lender in obtaining receivership remedy for commercial buildings.

Prosecuted delay claims on behalf of the developer of a large condominium and commercial development, while defending homeowner class actions.

Recovered millions of dollars in construction defect claims on behalf of tech executives, investment advisors, and other owners of high-end Bay Area residential properties.

Represented numerous property owners in landslide cases in the North Bay and San Francisco.

Represented business owners whose industrial property was damaged by subsidence caused by sewer construction.

Regularly assess and pursue on insurance coverage on behalf of developers, contractors, and manufacturers.